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5 Fascinating Reasons People Like Car Cleaning Services in Kolkata

Have you thought of scheduling a car cleaning service? Here are 5 arguments in favor of car cleaning that you should consider while choosing your next auto detailing service.

We divulge some unsavory details about your car that you probably didn’t know. Driving a spotless, well-maintained car is the best, right? In fact, 1 in 4 motorists believe that having a dirty automobile speaks poorly of them. However, occasionally and not usually consciously, drivers of motor vehicles let their standards drop.

If you are one of them, schedule it right now with car cleaning services in Kolkata with the help of Zan’s Crew. But for now, read in to know more reasons behind car cleaning services.

1. 62% of car owners believe that appearance matters.

The reason why the majority of people have a general sense of automotive pride is because they don’t want their untidy driving practices to be seen by the public. However, this does not imply that their vehicle is spotless. You know what, you can simply book a call with Zan’s Crew whenever you want to wash your car. We will give all the services at your doorstep.

2. Are You Responsible for Garbage Left in Your Car?

Most likely, we’ve all done it at some point. closing the car door on a mess as opposed to properly getting rid of our trash. Empty bottles, greasy takeout food wrappers, and disposable coffee cups are just a few things that detract from the aesthetic of a car interior.

3. Bad odor warning!

Observe your nose! More information on auto cleaning reveals that 27% of drivers claim their vehicle stinks. For instance, food crumbs, liquids that have spilled, pet aromas, mold, mud, and unclean AC systems are all sources of unpleasant car odors. Therefore, don’t wait to schedule a  Car Cleaning at Home Services in Kolkata appointment, if the interior of your car needs to be cleaned.

4. How about a mobile car wash? 16 percent never wash their cars

Car washes are unfamiliar to many people. In a poll of 1,000 car owners, 16% of the respondents revealed they never wash their cars, according to some entertaining car cleaning stats from ICA. A mobile vehicle wash is the answer if you have a time crunch. Just make an appointment with Zan’s Crew now to get the best deal in car cleaning services!!

5. Driving While Touching Your Face Spreads Viruses and Bacteria

According to research, drivers touch their faces 26 times on average every hour. Nearly four seconds pass between each contact. The danger of bacterial and viral transmission inside a car increases with frequent face contact. In the air and from contaminated surfaces, germs rapidly spread from drivers to passengers.

Our autos are prone to messes and mud. It’s an inevitable reality of daily life. The “lived-in” appearance is natural given the amount of time individuals spend in their vehicles. But routine car maintenance will keep your vehicle looking beautiful.

Why not make an appointment with Zan’s Crew if you want a clean and sanitized car? Utilize our car-cleaning services. We’ll revive the luster of your car and steam-clean the interior. Also, we’ll carry it out anywhere and whenever you request.

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