Bathroom Deep Cleaning Service

A Must For every Household and Commercial Property

bathroom-cleaningParticularly when it comes to cleaning a room like a bathroom, the list of things to accomplish during spring cleaning can seem never-ending. No one likes to thoroughly Deep clean the restroom. While many people will perform what is referred to as a “surface clean” in this space, there are some spots that go unseen for weeks or even months at a time.

Just think the level of scum, grout will be accumulated on the tiles in unseen areas. 

Every bathroom serves as a haven for bacteria and germs. This is why it’s crucial to perform a thorough bathroom deep cleaning service at least once every month in addition to your weekly cleaning. By doing this, you are limiting the transmission of diseases and viruses that could eventually harm you.

The bacteria that cause stomach and bacterial viruses can thrive and multiply more quickly on your bathroom’s surfaces. By using bacteria-killing cleaners to clean your bathroom frequently, you can avoid this issue.

Why should your bathroom be deep cleaned every month?

Even bathrooms that are frequently cleaned have difficult-to-remove stains, especially on surfaces like bathroom tiles.

To assist you in removing these stains and offer you a break from cleaning your bathroom, Proknock Management Services employ professional equipment and chemicals of the highest calibre.

Our experts provide a safe and hygienic service while wearing masks and gloves, adhering to WHO hygiene norms.

What Proknock Management is offering in the Bathroom Deep Cleaning services?

We know the importance of clean and hygienic bathrooms. So below are the specifications of the deep cleaning services – inspection of the complete building and process of customer consultation 

Step 1: Completely sanitising the toilets, showerheads, and sinks

Step 2: Externally Wet Wipe Glasses and Windows

Step 3: Scrubbing or mopping the floors

Why choose Proknock Management for Bathroom Deep Cleaning Service?

With our extensive offerings, we hope to provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone. We employ cutting-edge methodology to take care of all homes’ cleaning, pest control, sanitising, electrical maintenance, and plumbing needs. To stop the spread of germs, we also provide pre- and post-Covid sanitization. On top of that we are: 

  • Supported by knowledgeable and experienced professionals
  • Your one-stop shop for sanitation, pest control, and cleaning
  • Kolkata-based service.
  • We use cutting-edge tools and equipment to provide our services more effectively.
  • While providing our services, we follow all safety guidelines.

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