Factories and Warehouse Sanitization: top priority in the To-do List

Factories-Sanitization-imgCleaning and disinfecting warehouse and logistics facilities can be difficult, and worries about COVID-19 have only made the problem worse. 10,000 workers were polled, and 41% of them gave their degree of worry a score of 10, with 72% giving it a score of 6 or higher.

In order to combat COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control advise warehouse and logistics facilities to implement additional infection control steps. Plans for workplace health and safety, administrative and engineering controls, and PPE are a few of them. Additionally, the CDC stresses the significance of routine workplace disinfection.

How Proknock Management Services Clean Your Facility?

Disinfection involves two steps:

  • Every day, surfaces need to be cleaned with soap and water. This lessens the quantity of germs, filth, and dirt. Without first thoroughly cleaning the surfaces, disinfection will not be effective.
  • If you use items from the EPA’s approved list of antimicrobial disinfectants, disinfection inactivates bacteria and viruses, including those that cause COVID-19. To obtain optimal efficiency, we make sure to adhere to the manufacturer’s directions and keep surfaces wet for the recommended period of time.

During the disinfecting procedure, the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is worn at all times.

Some surfaces are more difficult to clean than others. Non-plastic pallets, for instance, are more absorbent and can gather microorganisms. As a result, they are difficult to disinfect. But with our abrasive sanitizers we sanitize the surface. 

Justifications for Using Proknock Management office sanitization Services

Your warehouse or logistics facility’s infection control programme may benefit from commercial cleaning. You can avoid depending on your staff or internal janitorial team by hiring commercial cleaners to perform routine cleaning and disinfection tasks.

To safeguard the safety of personnel, many facilities opt to use commercial cleaning and disinfection services. As part of its comprehensive cleaning and disinfection system, Proknock Management elite network of service providers offers a variety of service levels. We use various techniques for sanitization services, including:

  • There are three different methods for sanitising and cleaning. Both involve the cleaning of high-touch surfaces and the application of disinfectants that have been certified by the List.
  • In addition, we offer deep cleaning and disinfection services that cover difficult-to-reach areas.

You shouldn’t need to give thorough cleaning and disinfection of your facilities any thought. One of the top facility management companies in the country, Proknock Management Services has a proven track record and a customer retention rate that is double the industry standard.


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