Want to go an extra mile in beautification? Try, glass and ACP installation and repair

Did you know that installing and maintaining aluminium composite panels is quite simple? Here, we demonstrate.

Proknock Management Services Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) have a seductive touch that alters how others perceive you since they give you more self-assurance and raise your standards. After all, your style and taste are expressed through the decor you choose for your places. Here, we’ll examine the simplicity of installation and upkeep for aluminium composite panels.

Why is ACP and Glass a Formidable force for Chic' look?

Glass-and-ACP-Installation-imgFirst of all, aluminium sheets and glass are very simple to cut and shape into the desired shape and size. They are easily cuttable, weldable, bendable, and rivetable. Do you want it to be printed on? An aluminium sheet’s surface composition makes that possible as well!     

They are also simple to install. 

Thirdly, they require little upkeep. They should periodically be cleaned, experts advise. Spray the area after putting some light detergent in a pail of water. Rinse it once again with some clean water. Finally, wipe it off with a sponge or a wiper to prevent stains from being created by the remaining water.

However, it should be remembered that the frequency of cleaning will vary depending on the area. It is advised that you clean the aluminium panels every day if they are installed on the exterior of a building where there is a lot of dust or pollution. The gloss and lustre of aluminium panels are renowned to last for years while withstanding harsh weather conditions.

Window glass and ACP replacement

Our Proknock Management team members are always around if you need residential glass replacement because we have several locations throughout Kolkata. If you’re searching for choices for glass and ACP improvements for your home, we can replace your single-pane windows with double-pane ones, install custom-cut glass on your front door, or replace your patio doors.

On the same day that damage occurs, Proknock Management specialists can fix broken windows or install replacement window panes, but we also offer other services like ACP installation and repair. We can also fix the windows on your car. If you need replacement windows for your home or car, our window fitters can complete the job quickly and effectively.

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