Residential Pest Control, A requirement for New age Homes

Residential-Pest-ControlOur goal when starting Proknock Management Services was to revolutionise the pest control industry by bringing convenience and innovation to it.

Being in the pest control industry, we have dealt with pests of various kinds in a variety of locations, including homes, housing associations, and more.

Growing With Our Learnings

We at Proknock Management Services collaborate with our clients to rid them of pests that are generating problems. Quick reaction and ensuring that bugs are not your guests are the two main goals of pest control services. No matter if we are counseling a client on bugs at their house or helping our business customers fulfill strict quality and food safety standards, our team is accessible to help consumers the same day.

How to Order Residential pest control services?

Proknock Management team updated its website in keeping with its mission to bring simplicity and innovation to the pest control industry.

Customers may now save and access their information at any time when shopping online from Proknock Management Services, saving them the time and effort of having to enter their information each time they place an order or renew their contract.

Additionally, our website securely saves information about online orders so that users can access it at any time.

Security of customer data: The Proknock Management Services website validates a user by sending a One Time Password (OTP) to their mobile number, which identifies each individual consumer. Only clients will be able to access their data on the Proknock Management Services website thanks to the strengthened protection.

Multiple-service orders: Customers can now select several services in a single order, making it easier for them to get a variety of pests at their homes or places of business treated. On the new website, customers can add additional services after placing a single transaction before confirming their purchase.

We think the ability to order several services is really helpful for homeowners who want to safeguard their families by getting services for a variety of pests, including cockroaches, ants, termites, bed bugs, etc.

We have observed that our consumers book our services at any time of day or night because we were the first Indian pest control firm to offer online purchasing.

One of the few pest control companies in India, Proknock Management Services team provides full order booking and payment alternatives to residential (B2C) customers.

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