Residential Interior Designing: The service breathes Life into your Home

Residential-Interior-imgOur clients frequently contact us because they feel like their home is “unfinished.” This frequently implies that they require a rug for the hallway or art for the dining room in a literal sense, as well as that they don’t feel emotionally connected to the items in their home, despite the fact that there may be a lot of “stuff” there.

While designers aid in building a framework, stylists are the ones who tell the stories. We are collectors of trinkets and decorative accents that give your home character, patina, and personality. We bring everything together in a way that feels authentically you and harmonious with the rest of your house.

By getting rid of the impersonal and collaborating with you to choose items specifically for your rooms.

How do we achieve this?

Normally, we build a lasting relationship with our clients that enables us to concentrate on completing different parts of their house one at a time. Depending on the size of the home and the complexity of the renovation, this could take a few months to a year. We frequently continue to work with clients for special occasions, space updates, and life transitional times.

These connections begin with an initial consultation during which we tour your property, listen to your needs, and assess our suitability for the project. We prefer to start the styling process by using goods you already own, but we’ll also help you get rid of certain things that are no longer useful. Then, to finish the area, we’ll fill in with fresh, carefully chosen pieces.

We do provide quick consultations for smaller or virtual jobs that don’t require our complete styling services when our schedule permits. This can be finding a few products you’re having trouble finding, assisting with material decisions, or coming up with a general design direction you can carry out on your own. 

About Us

Through events, interior design, and merchandise, Proknock Management Services has devoted the professional career to creating unique personal surroundings and experiences. In 2020, we made the decision to change the emphasis of our goods to reflect our one and only passion for styling.

Our designers has always been in creating curated vignettes, finishing touches, and styled moments that tell a story. We do have a keen eye for detail.

We seek to improve and complete the settings in homes and public areas alike by incorporating antiques, original artwork, and sentimental accents and layers that not only represent the owners’ personalities but also create a warm and welcome space for everyone.

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