Marble installation: Proknock Management Services will take care of Do’s and Don’ts

Marbel-Installation-imgAn significant factor in establishing a home’s appearance is its flooring. Marble flooring may add tonnes of beauty and give your house a regal feel. When only the wealthy and elite could afford this wonderful material, marble was frequently used in elaborate palaces and other structures. However, the average person can now more easily access them.

Elegant marble tile floors increase the property’s value. Marble is a somewhat softer stone to work with, making the installation of marble flooring simple. With the correct equipment and instructions, you can make stunning marble flooring. but if not done correctly or by an expert, it could become messy.

Perils attached With Marble Installation

  • When it’s damp, polished marble loses its desirable luster. Unfortunately, polished marble is inappropriate for houses with inhabitants who are at danger of falling because of the slide problem.
  • When it comes to both labor and material expenditures, marble is one of the most expensive flooring options.
  • Removing and discarding the current flooring.
  • Specialized installation techniques, such adding borders or artistic tile designs.
  • Altering the current subfloor. Because marble tiles are so heavy, the flooring will need to be reinforced before the marble is put in place if it isn’t strong enough.
  • Don’t DIY marble flooring unless you have prior tile-setting knowledge if you want to save money.
  • Daily cleaning, quick response to accidents, and routine sealing are all necessary for marble flooring.
  • More than a marble floor repair kit is frequently needed to fix scuffs, stains, and cracks.

These many problems are a sure way to give anyone a cold feet. Don’t worry, Proknock Management Services is there to curb all your worries.

What Proknock Management Services will be offering with Marble Installation?

Our knowledge is derived from our experience! We have experience because we consistently endeavour to provide the best service with consideration and a personal touch. Our 45-year enterprise has been guided by the tenet “Quality provided with care, makes all the difference.”

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We offer nothing but the best in terms of service. It goes without saying that with Proknock Management Services you will not encounter the above headaches.


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