Planning on Renovation Work; Proknock Management will plan and execute everything for you

Renovation-WorkDo you intend to remodel your entire home?

If so, a checklist can be useful to make sure you’re taking care of everything and haven’t forgotten to accomplish something crucial. Proknock Management has prepared an easy-to-follow checklist for whole-house renovations. We know renovation work is very tedious and a lot of people just want to avoid it. Hence, checklist.

Here at Proknock Management Services we have prepared a checklist of sorts and also we have the option of customising that list. This gives the client liberty on what to include and what not to include in renovation work.

All-in-one house renovation checklist - start with a plan

The first step is to make a plan. We make sketches of your house. Then, make a list of what we will do first and plan it accordingly. Equip our local contractors with the plan and take them on board for the project. These pre-work we always do before starting any form of remodelling. As always, we believe in planning every single detail and executing it. 

Check your house's foundation.

We make sure you don’t require any repairs by having experts evaluate the foundation, siding, roof, windows, plumbing, and electrical systems. If your house needs foundation work, you don’t want to start a costly redesign just to discover that you have to rip out some of the work you just completed.

Start demolition

We get a big dumpster to hold all of your trash, then start taking everything out. Discard old tiling, take out cabinets, and take down walls. If you’re not going to be residing in the house while it is being renovated, we start as much demolition as we can.

Make the new structures clear

Now is the moment to frame in any walls you are relocating or putting up. Where necessary, we increase the size of windows and doors, add or delete openings, and alter any other aspects of the construction.

New electrical, plumbing, and ductwork should be added

Before the insulation and drywall are installed, any new HVAC system additions, pipe installations, and electrical wiring upgrades get completed.

Then hanging drywall after insulating the walls

After that, have the installation done in the walls and attic. We drywall installed after it is in.

Carpenter and windows are installed

Once the walls are finished, we install any new windows you’re adding. During this period, we also put in brand-new built-ins, baseboards, and moulding.

After coating the walls with fresh paint, we lay out the tiles on the floor. Therefore, giving a finishing touch to your renovated home.

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