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Dust an Inevitable Evil: Try Home Cleaning Services in Kolkata for cleaning

Dust will always build-up at home. But that’s not the reason to be a lazy bum. Dirty homes can affect your air quality as well as germs can make your home their permanent home. Deep cleaning services in Kolkata may come in handy from time to time.

But if you think you can do it all alone. Here is a guide to set up your routine. In this blog we will talk about little steps on how to make a routine of cleaning, how you can Clean and vacuum your home and also Clean fans without using fan cleaning services.

Making a Routine of Deep Cleaning Services in Kolkata

As human beings, we are privy to routines. This helps in cleaning in a better and more systematic way. Also, great for people who are not a fan of cleaning, like me.

Also with a system in place, it is fairly easy to be done with the cleaning. So here are some tips and tricks for regular cleaning. 

  • Assign a day for regular deep cleaning. It can be any day, but you have to do the cleaning on that day.
  • Keep your cleaning supplies handy. You don’t want to start a search party for cleaning your house. 
  • Always keep a Duster/ dusting wand in an accessible area. For example in your wardrobe. The minute you see Spilled tea or you want to brush off some table surface. Ta-da, a dusting wand, is near you.
  • Clean your beds after sleeping. Just brush it off with a wand and then make your bed. 

The above system in place will only ensure a neat and clean home. But you need an arsenal of cleaning liquids and different types of tools to understand the basics of cleaning. 


Tools Necessary for Home Cleaning Services in Kolkata

There are different tools that will only help you with extra dusting. Also cleaning weekly may feel like your house suddenly has become super dusty. Further with places closed up for some reason, you never know it was dusty. Unless you remove it. 

So without further ado, let’s get to tools helping in the removal of dust 

  • Vacuum/ Cleaner- I don’t want to get into the name of the brands. But anyone will suffice. With vents, fans, corners/edges, baseboards, and windows. Cleaning needs at every nook and corner. Therefore a lifesaver for everyday cleaning needs.
  • Dusting Wands- ceiling, fans,  corners, table surfaces. It does everything. Give it a try.
  • Wand with Extendable handles- a must for fan cleaning services. With Extendable handles, it is possible to reach high-ceiling areas. 
  • Cleaning clothes- Now use an extra pair of clothes for cleaning purposes. That cloth must be cotton. Also, use the discarded ones, as it helps in repurposing. 
  • Lint roller- well Lint Roller is not just for American consumers. It is great for your beds. It can pull off any Lint or residual dust from your bed. Also while you are buying, always go for an electric Lint Roller as it will save you manpower.
  • Beeswax Polish– dusting makes your furniture look clean, but polish can make it shine. 

Now, we know how to use every tool for deep cleaning services in Kolkata. But you can feel overwhelmed sometimes with many festivals and upkeeping the house. Why don’t you call us for deep cleaning services in Kolkata and let Zan’s crew shine in your humble abode? But if you still need more DIY tips. Read on.

Tips to Avoid the Dust Settling

Take a mixture of any essential oil ( 10 tablespoons)+ cleaning liquid( 10 tablespoons) + vinegar (200 ml) + water. Transfer this mixture to a spray bottle. Now spray it in the dirty area and wipe it off with a clean cloth. This way your home will be squeaky clean for two weeks. 

Keep fewer things on the surface. Helps in cleaning faster. 

Change your bedsheets after 3 days. Helps in making your home look tidy. 


Cleaning can be fun

You think cleaning can take hours. Partly no, partly yes. If done in an ignorant manner, not setting up a routine, piling up till the last date. Yes, it may take hours. But giving one hour every day will ensure a clean home and a happy space. But if you feel overwhelmed with various other tasks, then you know whom to call. Zan’s crew will always be there for you. Helping in every way possible with deep cleaning services and fan cleaning services in Kolkata. 

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